Have you ever wondered how to download all your photos from Instagram? Now you can easily download all Instagram photos and videos, photos and movies from your stories, In addition to direct message pictures, data, media, comments, profile information, and other information related to your Instagram account. Of course, most of the people will primarily be interested in downloading photos and videos, so our focus will be here. This article will show you how to download all photos and videos from Instagram account to any Mac or Windows computer. The downloaded Instagram data will be saved as an archive, to store it elsewhere or use as you like. Note: This process contains several steps and it can take some time to complete for several reasons; First, you have to request access to Instagram photos, videos and data, then you have to wait for some time to process the data download request (it can take a few days), once Instagram approves the request, you can download your Instagram photos and videos (in addition to All cookies and other data) from links emailed to the email address associated with this Instagram account. The downloaded files arrive as an archive that needs to be decompressed, and it is sometimes divided into multiple parts, depending on the amount of data you provide to Instagram, and the number of photos and videos that you have posted. How to download all photos from Instagram


Head to and log in to your Instagram account In the menu “Get a copy of what you’ve shared on Instagram” enter your Instagram email address and password then click “Request Data” After clicking "Download Requested" you will be queued to download photos, videos and other data on Instagram - this may take some time, up to a few days. When you receive an email from Instagram titled "Your Instagram Data" you are ready to download your Instagram videos and profile data, open that email and then click the big blue "Download Data" button in Once again, log in to Instagram via the download link in the mail, and click “Download Data”, it may be divided into multiple parts, in which case you will need to click on the multiple “Download Data” links named Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4, etc. The downloaded file (s) can be quite large, so you will need to make sure that there is space on your hard disk and you will also need to decompress the file (s) to access the actual Instagram downloaded photos and videos. Pictures, videos, pictures, stories, messages and other downloaded information will be stored in different folders in the archive folder that has been decompressed, called “photos”, “stories”, “videos”, “direct”, and possibly some other directories with encrypted names, In addition to the “media.json” files that contain text files containing information about your Instagram comments, save history, searches, profile information, and other Instagram profile data. You have now downloaded all your Instagram photos and movies, and this is the official way! This means you no longer need to rely on third-party download tools, or tricks to save an image.NOTE We provide services for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and all other major social media platforms. These services are from 100% real and active accounts

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